“I have benefited greatly from my mentor, Mr Kelvin Hew. Our mentoring sessions are probably very different from others, as setting concrete plans is just not an easy thing to do when everything is so uncertain. Our first session started when I was waiting for the outcomes of my job applications. And on the following sessions I had to make decisions on which job offer to take and whether to leave Singapore to chase for career. Without knowing what to expect and how things might turn out the next time we speak, it’s tough to set a goal. Given all these uncertainties, Mr Hew did a great job in guiding me to make decisions without imposing his views on me. He shared with me his life experiences so I would get a better idea on the potential outcomes of my decisions. He led me to see things in a broader horizon when I unknowingly focus too much on the less important issues occasionally. Thank you Mr Hew and MentorsHub!”

Yvonne Yu Qing Yao

Investment Banking Analyst | CICC, Beijing

“MentorsHub very graciously took me in as a mentee even though I have passed the age limit. Because of the flexibility of the programme, I was able to work with my mentor Aileen Chee to navigate through the changes in my career. Through the workshops that MentorsHub organised e.g. First 100 Days @Work, I learnt a lot. For instance, I never knew the first 3 months are that important and that there is a structured way to approach it. I’m grateful for what MentorsHub is doing, to help young people like myself benefit from the mentors’ experiences.”

Foo Wan Xuan

Senior Sustainability Specialist | Grab

“MentorsHub mentoring program has made me become more aware of my strengths and skillsets, which helped me to gain a clearer picture of what career path to build towards. My mentor, Dr Kenneth Tan has been patient and encouraging throughout the mentoring cycle. I am really grateful to be mentored under him.”

Kenzie Tan

HR Learning & Development | Roche Diagnostic APAC

“Dexter is a sincere and helpful mentor who listened to my specific needs and provided clear and actionable steps for me based on his vast experience in the banking and finance industry. Despite his busy schedule, he made time for me ah-hoc on multiple occasions when there were new and urgent developments with regards to my career and provided me with valuable input. I believe I have benefitted greatly from his guidance.

The overall programme at MentorsHub was extremely helpful for me to get direction and guidance at this early stage of my career. I appreciated that the organizers of the programme were genuine and sincere in helping young adults like me. They connected us with industry professionals who provide invaluable advice and mentorships. I would highly recommend this programme to my peers and have already done so, with 2 of them joining this year’s batch of mentees.”

Janan Lim

Credit Risk Analyst | OCBC Bank

“Ms Peggy Quek is very insightful and is able to help me dig deeper and better understand myself. She is also able to provide insightful perspectives that I would not have been able to perceive on my own.”

Germanda Teo

People Operations Coordinator | Grab

“Jack Kang is a hugely helpful mentor who is very approachable, especially for someone as experienced as he is. He believes in aiding his mentees however he can in different stages of their career and/or life. His advice is always easy to comprehend and he can analyse situations from different and relevant perspectives. Furthermore, he grounds his advice in the context given and thus, is particularly relatable.”

Lam Zhi Liang

Investment Analyst Intern | Kejora-SBI Orbit

“Mei Wong is a great role model for me. Her bold career moves and actions have inspired me to be bolder and step out of my comfort zone. Whenever I face challenges at work, she will share her thoughts and experiences on how to better navigate through them. She is generous in sharing her wisdom on how a fresh graduate like me can thrive at my work. It has been a great journey and I thoroughly enjoyed our relationships.”

Neo LeHui

Audit Associate | Deloitte

“Chen Peng has been an incredible mentor to me. If navigating my career is akin to exploring a jungle, I would liken his advice to giving me a map, water, tools and tips on how to survive on my own, as opposed to telling me exactly where to go and what to do. To me, this is more sustainable since I will not always have him as a sounding board at all my crossroads!”

Darren Lim Wei Yang

Research Analyst | Nansen

“The programme has helped to frame my perspectives towards approaching life and my career. The experience with Mr Harish has been fruitful and valuable. He has provided many valuable insights from Marketing to Leadership and that has benefitted me throughout the year in leadership roles and in developing my career. He is professional, yet caring and easy to talk to, making each meeting fun and exciting. I am grateful for this experience and the time he has dedicated to teach and guide me.”

Travis Tan

Penultimate Undergrad | SMU

“My mentor was the right fit, and I loved our chemistry since Day 1! Never regretted joining MentorsHub. A quality relationship is forged.”

Siow Huin Ling

Marketing Operations | Direct Asia

“My mentorship journey has been nothing short of growth and development in terms of career, network and friendship. The transition from student to the workforce is daunting but under my mentors’ and fellow mentees guidance and help, I was able to map-out my career path smoothly. In addition to my career track, I was also able to work out my life goals and action plans. Most importantly, the friendships forged over my MentorsHub journey with my mentor, fellow mentees, and even alumni, are so precious and I am grateful for it.!”

Han Hao Juan, 26

Hedge Fund Operations Analyst | Crescent Asset Management Asia

“MentorsHub’s mentoring programme provides an invaluable opportunity to network and openly exchange ideas. My mentors, Dexter and Kelvin, have been very personable and approachable. I am able to share my deepest concerns and ask questions that I may otherwise be unable to ask in other contexts. Dr Candice and the team have also organised highly applicable technical and soft skills workshops for all mentees to ensure that we are up to date with latest trends. For example, in 2020, we had a fireside chat on the impact of career search and development in the post-COVID-19 world, and how fresh graduates can stand out. All in all, the whole experience is very mentee-centred. I would definitely recommend MentorsHub to any undergraduates who are looking to seek advice from top professionals in a safe space to develop themselves professionally. You will be in very good hands with MentorsHub.”

Jack Chan, 24

Business Development Intern| reach52

“I am very thankful for the learning opportunity MentorsHub has given me to prepare myself to face the challenging yet exciting work-life. The mentors here are super encouraging and it feels really good to have people believing in you especially in your early careers. I hope to be able to do the same in the future and help young people discover their dreams!”

Neo Miao Xia, 25

HR Executive | FOMO Pay

“Ms Aileen has always been a great support throughout my mentorship journey. She has kindly shared her previous work experiences and career journeys with me. Despite her busy schedules, she never fail to respond to my messages and queries regarding my career plans or questions about work. She is a great mentor to have and definitely an asset to MentorsHub. I hope more mentees would be able to come under her guidance and learn from her!”

Sheryl Wong, 24

HR Executive | DKSH

“Kent is a very passionate coach who constantly challenge and expand my way of thinking towards the issues I faced daily. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from him. He has equipped me with soft skills that prepare me for the workforce. I am not fearful as I know how to overcome any challenges rationally. Thank you Kent you are truly inspiring!”

Raiden Ling, 26

Compliance Officer | AXA Internship

“MentorsHub is a great platform to know fantastic mentors and peer mentees. I am very lucky to have Mr Simon Dale as my mentor. The management has put in a lot of hard work to find the right match. His openness to share his own experiences and insights is remarkable. Our regular conversations have helped me grow immensely, both personally and professionally. He has helped me gain new perspectives and broaden my mind to think long-term. The mentors’ sharing have helped me to avoid some pitfalls and achieve my goals faster. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss, receive honest and constructive feedback. I have also gained access to the information, knowledge and experience from an established mentor whom I may not otherwise have known from my own network. I have greater clarity about my future career direction, thanks to this mentorship programme!”

Cynthia Chin, 24


Joining MentorsHub was one of the best decisions I have made in university. The dedication of the staff, exposure to senior management and variety of workshops were instrumental in giving me clearer insights into my own strengths and career direction.
Chen Peng, my attached mentor, has a holistic business acumen coupled with a strong understanding of the technology sector from his own experiences in the industry. He was always on hand to advise me on the best opportunities to pursue in order to break into the technology sector. The most important aspect I attained from the mentorship was a clearer sense of direction towards my dream career in the technology industry. This experience with MentorsHub was crucial for me to undergo before stepping out into the real world, and has allowed me to gain a stronger sense of self-awareness and the confidence to charter my own career path.
I would like to sincerely thank the MentorsHub community for helping me decide on my career path, and I will do what I can to pay it forward in the generations to come.

Ashwin Lee, 25

APAC Business Development Intern, Amazon Web Services

It is truly an honour to be a member of the MentorsHub’s family where I get to be more aware of my skills sets and career ambitions. My mentor’s wisdom and teaching points are definitely something I will carry with me for many years ahead.

Vavarly Chong, 23

Management Consultant, Capgemini Invent

“MentorsHub’s mentoring program has allowed me to excel deeper into the working industry. School life is completely different from working life. The mentoring program equips me with knowledge that allows me to transit into the working life with more ease and self-awareness.”

Lewis Tan, 24

Business & Management Undergrad - Penultimate Year, Engineering Undergraduate | SIT

“Daniel is a mentor who is really patient and willing to hear about my thoughts. He is able to give relevant suggestions towards the goals I want to achieve.”

Kenneth Sim, 28

Business & Management Undergrad | SIMGE - UOL

“I am very glad to have participated in this mentoring program as it provided me with a clearer sense of purpose and ambition.”

Ng Yu Cong, 25

Business & Management Undergrad - Penultimate Year

“MentorsHub has been such a huge blessing. I began the journey confused, as I was the only Social Work student in the room, and I felt out of place. But the people – fellow mentees, mentors, alumni, coordinating team, every single person was there to support me no matter my background. What mattered was I felt cared for throughout this journey. I have been a part of multiple mentoring programmes, and MentorsHub is one I have already recommended to my friends, and will continue to do so in years to come. MentorsHub is a gift that keeps on giving, and I truly believe this is a space for every young adult to learn and grow, no matter what your background.”

Afzal Hadi

Fraud Specialist | Singtel

“Mr Tristan Theurier is a sincere mentor who listens patiently and intently to my needs during every mentoring sessions. He gave alternate advice from my family and friends to give a more objective view when I’m just starting out in my career. He played a big role in my job hunting journey right after graduation. With much dedication, he recorded videos of himself explaining on how I could further improve on crafting my resume and cover letters to help them shine in my applications. On top of that, he also took time to give me a mock interview over the phone while he was out with his daughter, to prepare me for an important interview the next day. He gave me the confidence I needed and I landed with some job offers. I am thankful to have met Mr Theurier through MentorsHub’s program.”

Jevin Loo

Fraud Specialist | Singtel

“It has been a privilege to journey through the start of my career with Mr Jarod Ong. He is a stellar mentor – nurturing, patient, a great listener and sounding board who offers diverse, sage perspectives. I am always amazed by his advice; he sees through to the heart of the issues that I share with him, and wholeheartedly works through them together with me. I know that his heart is with every mentee he journeys with and I am grateful to be one of them. Thank you MentorsHub and Mr Jarod for nurturing all of us!”

Sarah Lim

Consulting Analyst | Accenture

“My mentor Tze Yang has been very resourceful with his network to cater to my industry of interest. I appreciate all the opportunities and meet ups with different mentors to expand my network as well as to gain invaluable advice from them. He also challenges me to think more than the career aspects and pushes me to set intentional and realistic goals for the future.”

Thein Than Toe

Technical Consultant | Avaya

“I was feeling lost in terms of my career directions when I started the mentoring program. I have no clear ideas as to what I want to do or how to align my passion/interests. Through the program, I am able to sit down and think more in-depth. Ms Celine Tan has been a great mentor to me. When I hit a slump, she is always there to cheer me on and to provide guidance in how I can get through tough periods. She also gives great advice on how to view things objectively before making decisions.”

Lok Xiu Fen

Fresh Grad | SIMGE – UOL

“Juseleen is such a sweet and admirable mentor to me. She doesn’t just say that people matter, she made me experience it through our mentoring sessions. She has a knack for encouraging me, yet at the same time challenging me enough to push me out of my comfort zone. Absolutely enjoyed my time with her, and would love to work with her if the opportunity arises!”

Malcolm Lim

Human Resources Executive | Ministry of Defence Singapore

“MentorsHub has helped me know and understand myself better, through the workshops during the Mentoring Retreat. MentorsHub also has plenty of workshops to help us learn and grow. My mentor, Michelle Li, has been patient and gives feedback whenever I have doubts. The skills and lessons learnt are truly valuable.”

Joy Lim

HR Corporate Support Executive | ST Engineering e-Services

“Mr Kevin Kan is an exceptional coach who offers clarity in perspective and insight which allowed me to see through the dark clouds when I was feeling discouraged during my job search.”

Justine Tan

Business Analyst | DBS Bank

“MentorsHub and my mentor Adeline Tiah have really equipped and provided me with opportunities to learn more about myself and the paths I can take in life.”

Ashley Tan

Junior UI/UX Designer & Digital Marketer | Oangle

“My mentor,  Andre Siregar was able to process my main point or dropped me subtle hints to self-realize the answer. I’m really grateful to have met him, he is always so humble and empathetic to my situations. He gives logical feedback and is patient in explaining things to me. As a result, I built my self-confidence in trying new things instead of getting paralyzed with over-pondering.”

Wang LuTing

Software Engineer | NCS Group

“Mr Manish has been a great mentor to me. He has calmly and patiently guided me throughout the year. He has given me never-ending insights on life and how we should approach problems in life.”

Lin Jia Kai

Intern at Information Technology Risk Assurance (Financial Services) | PwC

“Mr Leon Yeo is an amazing mentor! He helped me see the bigger picture and guided me with amazing strategies. He is super patient and encouraging. I always look forward to meeting him as we would have the best discussion. We would revisit past discussions to see where are my shortcomings and what is going well. It was a pleasure to have him as my mentor! Would love to learn more from him!”

Ng Jun Xiang

Undergrad | SIT

“The best type of mentoring session is 1-to-1. MentorsHub offers this and this in itself means quality mentoring sessions. MentorsHub values quality more than quantity and that is what truly makes me so appreciative of them. The constant care and help that the mentors offer is amazing. Though I am only assigned one mentor, I can still reach out to other mentors for help. Mentors/mentees are not selfish but extremely friendly and helpful!”

Lucas Loh, 26

Continuous Improvement Specialist | A.P.Moller - Maersk, A.P. Moller - Maersk

“MentorsHub has a very well-structured mentoring program with lots of workshops, events & resources to help youths be better equipped for transitioning into the workforce. The mentors are very experienced and sincere in their sharing and helping.!”

Beatrix Ong, 22

Senior Marketing Exec | ETA

Mr Manish Shroff has guided me so much – not only career-wise but also in my personal growths and achievements. His advice has enabled me to have a clearer sense of direction towards my goals. I am so grateful to be mentored under him. I have made the right decision to join MentorsHub as a mentee.

Hany Humaira Binte Asmuri, 25

Software Engineer (Nucleus) | NCS Group, NCS Group

Joining MentorsHub just as I was about to graduate from university was definitely a right decision. I was unsure of what to do upon graduation, had no clear goals in mind and was worried about finding a job. Through the MentorsHub Mentoring Retreat, advice from the community of mentors that I met at workshops and networking events, and the year-long guidance by my assigned mentor – Harish, I discovered more about myself, my motivations and areas for improvement. These have helped me to set clearer personal and professional goals and transition me into my first job much more smoothly.

Things that I’ve picked up by journeying with MentorsHub would be presentation skills, time management and goals-setting, which are all extremely important skills in the workplace and beyond. I’m grateful for the opportunities provided by this programme, and highly recommend this to anyone who needs help and inspiration to begin their career on a right note!

Rachel Lee, 24

Media Executive, OMD Singapore

“MentorsHub have been a huge help in advising and supporting me especially in my transition from a doubtful Uni student to the workplace. The encouragement and support from the mentors have been very heartwarming and helpful at every mentoring session. I always feel motivated and have more clarity on my goals at the end of every consultation. One of the key takeaways is the Gallup’s StrengthsFinder framework. The concepts teaching have taught me how to apply my talent themes to deliver better results at work. Thank you to my mentors, Ms Peggy Quek & Mr Ankit Chugh, and Dr Candice for always believing in me and pushing me to be a better individual than before.”

Siti Nuruljannah Binte Salleh Iskandar, 23

Graduate Engineering Trainee | LTA

I am very humbled to be part of such a healthy and encouraging community that helps young adults like me develop and maximise our fullest potentials. The journey has been very reflective and delightful!

Victor Tjang, 23

Education Associate, Oracle Netsuite

“Thank you to the dedication of the mentors. The various workshops have provided me with more clarity in my strengths and weaknesses. I would also like to thank my mentor, Ms Charmaine Sim, for guiding me throughout this whole journey. Her advice have been most helpful.”

Yong Li Ling, 27

“My mentors, Leon Lai and Simon Dale have been key contributors to who I am today. Their advice is gold and they continue to be my role models both in work and life. The mentoring team especially Dr Candice and Pearl Lieu are extremely caring and helpful. I am really grateful for their assistance.”

Alexander Lee, 24

Community Manager | iSTOX

“MentorsHub have the nicest mentors we can ever have. It is heart-warming to know that these established mentors are always willing to take time off their busy schedules to do a kind deed. Can’t thank them enough!”

Chua Wen Wei, 26

Fulfilment Associate Intern | SCI ECommerce

“MentorsHub has helped me to discover more about myself and taught me on how to manoeuvre in a professional platform and setting.”

Joanne Foo, 25

Fulfilment Associate Intern | SCI ECommerce, Chemical Engineering, NUS Undergraduate

“MentorsHub has been very helpful to me as a lost student, not knowing what I’m good at or what I want. It was very rewarding to slowly find out more about myself. The workshops that MentorsHub conduct not only equip me for the present, but also shape me to be who I want to be in the future! My mentor, Malini Sundaram, has been very helpful in this journey and never fails to give me a new perspective.”

Lee Kek Yink

Aspiring Human Resource Specialist | Intern - SIM Career Connect

“For those who need help in taking or planning your first step into the working world, this program might just be what you need! The mentors are nice and willing to give you tips whenever you need them.”

Chow Jing Heng, 26

Flavor Creation Lab Intern | Firmenich

MentorsHub has been the perfect avenue for me to leverage the resources presented before me. It has also been a training ground to be my best self as I prepare for the marketplace after graduation.

Glenn Yeo, 24

Global Markets Summer Analyst, ANZ

MentorsHub has helped me to progress as an individual. My mentor is genuine, knowledgeable in his field and provides me with many learning opportunities!

Shahrul Nizam, 24

Risk Analytics Intern, DBS Bank

MentorsHub is a platform for me to interact with self-driven peers and established mentors. This serves as a catalyst for both my professional and self-development; empowering me to excel in my academics and integrating me seamlessly into my career as a fresh graduate.

Hilsann Yong, 24

Graduate Design Engineer, Dyson

I have more clarity on my career options and felt better equipped for the transition to the marketplace.

Chau Pak Heen, 28

Trainee Pilot

I learnt how to handle international clients and overcome cultural differences, enhance my self-belief, salesmanship and closing skills!

Fred Ng, 26

Associate Functional Consultant, Salesforce

Yes! The effort MentorsHub has put into it is truly amazing! I feel really privileged and glad to be a part of it!

Sean Ooi, 27

Senior Audit Associate, PwC

It is a privilege to be a part of the MentorsHub family. I am deeply humbled to join this group of dedicated mentors who inspire others from good to great. Through this program I got to meet a bunch of crazy and wonderful friends as well!

Terence Lim, 26

Key Account Manager, Asia Pacific Breweries

Unlike other mentorship programs, the mentorship provided by MentorsHub is more personalized and relational in that the mentors take a genuine interest in knowing and journeying with me…

Vanessa Wan, 25

Digital Strategist, DBS Bank

I am very grateful to Ms Christine for her detailed tips and suggestions on my resume and case interviews. Her pointers were extremely beneficial and I had written them down for future job applications.

Zhang JongJie, 27

Research & Development Engineer, ST Aerospace

The mentorship has provided me with many learning opportunities. I believe all these would not have been possible if I had not signed up for it!

Roxanne Soh, 23

SIT, Infocomm

I’m truly blessed to be part of MentorsHub’s mentorship programme where I got to go through the Mentoring Retreat with a group of inspiring mentors and mentees. Under the mentorship of Ms Narelle, I have gained many insights with regards to my jobs interview and action plans to self-improvement. I am grateful to MentorsHub’s management committee, the mentoring team, Accelerate workshop leaders and my fellow mentees for making this journey a fulfilling one!

Toh Siew Ting, 25

Financial Advisor, Finexis Advisory

I am grateful to have joined MentorsHub. Sebastian’s profound wisdom and experience has helped shed insights on my nascent career – many of which I would never have gained with my current level of experience. Beyond a mentor, Sebastian has been the conscience in my mind, giving me appropriate nudges when I was overwhelmed by emotions or considerations about my work. The wisdom imparted by him on me is without doubt something that I will carry with me for many years to come.

Jeff Lim, 27

Instructor, Data Science & Business Intelligence