I have more clarity on my career options and felt better equipped for the transition to the marketplace.

Chau Pak Heen, 25

SIT, Engineering

I learnt how to handle international clients and overcome cultural differences, enhance my self-belief, salesmanship and closing skills!

Fred Ng, 23

SUSS, Business

Unlike other mentorship programs, the mentorship provided by MentorsHub is more personalized and relational in that the mentors take a genuine interest in knowing and journeying with me…

Vanessa Wan, 22

NTU, Accountancy

Yes! The effort MentorsHub has put into it is truly amazing! I feel really privileged and glad to be a part of it!

Sean Ooi, 23

SIT, Accountancy

It is a privilege to be a part of the MentorsHub family. I am deeply humbled to join this group of dedicated mentors who inspire others from good to great. Through this program I got to meet a bunch of crazy and wonderful friends as well!

Terence Lim, 24

NTU, Business

The mentorship has provided me with many learning opportunities. I believe all these would not have been possible if I had not signed up for it!

Roxanne Soh, 23

SIT, Infocomm

I am very grateful to Ms Christine for her detailed tips and suggestions on my resume and case interviews. Her pointers were extremely beneficial and I had written them down for future job applications.

Zhang JongJie, 24

NTU, Aerospace Engineering

I am grateful to have joined MentorsHub. Sebastian’s profound wisdom and experience has helped shed insights on my nascent career – many of which I would never have gained with my current level of experience. Beyond a mentor, Sebastian has been the conscience in my mind, giving me appropriate nudges when I was overwhelmed by emotions or considerations about my work. The wisdom imparted by him on me is without doubt something that I will carry with me for many years to come.

Jeff Lim, 25

NTU, MAE/Mechanical Engineering

I’m truly blessed to be part of MentorsHub’s mentorship programme where I got to go through the Mentoring Retreat with a group of inspiring mentors and mentees. Under the mentorship of Ms Narelle, I have gained many insights with regards to my jobs interview and action plans to self-improvement. I am grateful to MentorsHub’s management committee, the mentoring team, Accelerate workshop leaders and my fellow mentees for making this journey a fulfilling one!

Toh Siew Ting, 23

NTU, Business