Your Workshop Leader

Mr. Ian Tan is a dynamic educational and training consultant who specializes in unlocking people potential and developing human capital solutions. More than 250,000 people have benefited through the certification, training, coaching services, and assessment tools in leadership, life skills, learning, living values and life charting. Ian is a Master Accreditor of the DISC Personality System and PeopleKeys System, and Master Behavioural Consultant for PeopleKeys, Inc. (USA) in Singapore and Asia. He has accredited over 1000 Certified Behavioural Consultants from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Australia in the use of personality, learning and motivational profiling tools.
He is a Certified Facilitator for The Leadership Challenge, as well as the Master Facilitator for award-winning leadership program, The Extraordinary Leader.


The leadership program will impart essential leadership principles, inspire you to become the leader you are meant to be and bring about an impact that will start you on a transformational journey.

Key Topics:

I Can Help Lead My Organisation to Success:

  • Why is leadership important to achieving organisational effectiveness.
  • The leadership challenge in today’s organisations.
  • Shared leadership and team empowerment.
  • Attributes and characteristics of good leaders.

Knowing my leadership strengths and weaknesses in the areas of:

  • Challenging the process
  • Inspiring a shared vision
  • Enabling others to act
  • Modeling the way
  • Encouraging the heart

How can I help my organisation to be more effective as a leader and a contributing member:

  • Learning how to apply leadership skills in different roles, situations and challenges when my team and I are engaged in organisational learning activities.

All participants are required to take the SLPI (Student Leadership Practices Inventory) one month prior to coming for the workshop. Subsidised  mentee rate is S$35 including online assessment tool, report and commitment fee.

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