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Marion Nicole Teo is a well-known image consultant with more than 25 years experience. She is a certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator and coach, as well as in the Enneagram personality. She was Miss Singapore Universe in 1987 and author of a self-help book entitled “Happy Once Again: Beauty from Inside Out”, where she shared how she overcame her struggles to emerge victorious once again.


How you carry yourself can often make or break the first impression. How you look and act can also make a stronger impact than what you say. Understand what is appropriate and expected in the workplace and pick up tips on how to dress and behave for success.

Key Topics

  • Making a Positive First Impression.
  • Greetings, Introductions, Handshakes and Handling Name cards.
  • Techniques to Build Instant Rapport.
  • Developing your Non-Verbal Communication to Interact Professionally with others.
  • Color Analysis, Corporate Colors and Coordinating Colors.
  • Understanding Body Shapes and Proportions.
  • Knowing the Appropriate Business Dress Code and Styles for Men and Women.

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