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Tricia 2Ms. Tricia Tan has been in the financial services industry for the past 25 years. A strong advocate of Financial Planning, she has helped many of her clients in wealth protection, accumulation, management and preservation. Tricia has won many prestigious industry awards and is one of the Top 10 Agency Leaders in Prudential Assurance Singapore, managing more 60 financial consultants. She is highly sought after by professionals in the industry both locally and overseas, to share her expertise in financial planning, agency leadership and management .


It is never too early to plan financially. As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. This workshop will help you discover the secret of attaining financial freedom early. Avoid financial pitfalls and take away financial concepts and tips to achieve your dream goals.


Key Topics

I’ve got my first pay cheque. What now?

  • Needs vs. Wants.
  • Basics of financial planning.
  • Concepts of Wealth Protection & Wealth accumulation.

Financial Budgeting & Planning:

  • Keeping track of your income & expenses.
  • Differentiating between fixed and variable expenses.
  • Budgeting for fixed savings and insurance.
  • Brief introduction of CPF.

“Financial Hacks”:

  • Planning ahead. Saving up for a goal years in advance vs. borrowing/loaning/saving desperately
  • How to be an ‘overnight millionaire’, establishing an instant estate

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