Your Workshop Leader

Ms. Chai Lee Fong is the principal consultant with Lifeskills Resources Pte. Ltd. Graduated with a Master degree of Counselling with University of South Australia, she is a certified coach by Coach Master Academy, certified advance behavioural analyst, certified outdoor experiential by Singapore Training and Development Association.


This 3-hour highly participative workshop aims to develop participants’ understanding of the importance of interpersonal skills and teamwork when working and interacting with others. Through self-assessment and professional development, participants will recognise and apply these key skills-set to help them perform work roles effectively without sacrificing essential individuality or productive human relationships.

Key Topics

Module A: Understand The Way People Work Differently.

  • Understand the Way People Work Differently.
  • How Do We See and Influence the Group.

Module B: Use My Behavioral Style to Contribute to the Group.

  • How Can I Apply Interpersonal Style Effectively in a Group?
  • How Good Am I in My Interpersonal Style Skills and How Can I improve My Skills at My   Workplace?

Module C:  Use My Interpersonal Skills to be Effective Team Player/Independent Contributor.

  • Why is Establishing Group-Specific Relationship Skills Important?
  • I Can be Effective If I Want To!

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