About your Workshop Leaders:

Mr. Chen Peng, Regional Vice President | SessionM
Former General Manager of Aimia Inc., Chen Peng has led one of the world’s largest loyalty marketing agency in Asia, servicing Fortune 100 industry leaders on their loyalty and analytics initiatives. His experience includes managing a global hotel coalition of more than 200 hotels where he led a diverse global team from more than 7 countries to provide end-to-end loyalty program management and marketing services. He has also provided CRM consulting and Demand generation services to Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Health Promotion Board of Singapore, Metro; led Database marketing initiatives for ExxonMobil in South East Asia; delivered CRM consulting and analytics advisory to SKII, China Southern Airlines, Motorola and Kuwait Airways.



Quality data and sophisticated analysis has never been more important to businesses than it is today. The exponential avalanche of data is increasing and technology is one step behind customers’ expectations. Understanding our needs will help companies build interactive and rewarding long-term personal relationships that we deserve. From real-time behavioural analysis to attitude forecasting, from AI interaction to enhancing purchase potential, we are within the reach of companies aiming to sell us not just more but better what we need and want.

Conducted by Mr. Chen Peng one of MentorsHub’s highly experienced and longest serving mentors, mentees will be taught:

1. Business application of Analytics
2. Analytics Industry landscape
3. Analytics Jobs and Responsibilities
4. Analytics Technology Eco-system
5. Industry Application of Analytics
a. Telco Case Study
b. Retail Case Study
c. CPG Case Study
6. Hands on business application of analytics for business planning (45 mins)
7. How to build a career in business analytics.

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