Branding and Marketing YOU!


We have all heard about Personal Branding, but few know how to leverage it for success. It is about building your career portfolio, assessing your position, and creating a career plan for the future economy. However, the pandemic has made our marketplace more crowded and competitive. If you do not stand out from the rest, you will miss many opportunities.

Key Learning:
In this workshop, you will learn to:

  1. Demystify the concept of personal branding
  2. Build an authentic personal brand that is valuable to potential employers
  3. Craft your personal brand statement & value story

Workshop Overview:

Part 1: What do you think/feel is your personal brand?

–        What exactly is personal branding?

–        Is it just a cosmetic thing, and what is real?

–        How do you match what your value-add is to your target audience?

Part 2: How does your personal brand come to life?

–        Track 1: Selling yourself to a prospective employer

–        Track 2: Raising visibility in your current company

Part 3: Putting it into practice

–        Track 1: Sprucing up your LinkedIn

–        Track 2: Following up with your colleagues

Participants will need to complete following before coming for the session: 

a) Submit a skills checklist (given after registration)

b) Print and bring the checklist and a laptop to the session

c) Pre-register for 1 of the 2 tracks

Register here

Time & Venue

Date: 19 March, 2022, Saturday

Time: 8.45am to 12.00pm  (seated by 8.45am)

Venue: Lifelong Learning Institute, 11 Eunos Road 8, Singapore 408601.

Commitment fee: $10 (includes light refreshment)

Your Workshop Leaders:

The workshop will be conducted by MentorsHub’s mentor and our special guest:

Michelle Li

Michelle currently steers International Partnerships for the New Zealand government through various global collaboration strategies. Former Client Group Director at Ogilvy, Michelle enabled clients and teams in branding and engagement interventions in the B2B and B2C sectors. She has had 20 years of experience operating within or consulting for global multinational corporations, government groups, start-ups and not-for-profit organizations.

Stephanie Awyong

Stephanie is an experienced PR-trained brand manager who considers herself fortunate to have been well-trained in the marketing and communications ecosystem. Over the last decade, she has had the privilege of leading and designing campaigns for global audiences, including behaviour change communications for the Early Childhood Development Agency, Singapore Traffic Police and Nestle Milo; working across sectors from the arts to agriculture. Stephanie currently leads a dynamic team of brand, social and creative communications specialists for Singapore-born low-cost carrier, Scoot.