About our chairperson

Jarod Ong

Jarod Ong has a Bachelor in Civil Engineering, and a Masters in Molecular Engineering for Biological and Chemical Systems. Throughout his career, he has been through various industries, ranging from Oil and Gas manufacturing, Container port Operations, Aviation and Investment banking.  His current role is the Head of Operations at Singapore Exchange.

About our co-chairperson

Beng Cheah

Dr Beng Cheah is an Electrical & Electronic engineer by training and his research was in the diffusion of innovations. He is currently the Director of Strategic Operations at the Data Storage Institute. Previously, Beng had fun working on a variety of projects ranging from railway electrification, mission-critical real-time software for traffic lights, SCADA systems for power stations and pipelines, to various communications networks and systems.

Time & Venue

Date: 12th Feb, Monday
Time: 7pm to 9pm (please be seated by 6.45pm), light refreshments provided.
Venue: SGX Metropolis


There are many reasons why we pursue the diploma or degree we are doing/ or did.  These reasons could range from personal interests to “because my friends are there” to “because my parents think that is good for me”. The question is: Is my future occupation therefore only restricted to what I study? If not, then what are the options? What are the challenges? How then to best equip?

This round table aims to provide an opportunity for mentees entering the work force to discuss with Jarod Ong and Dr Beng Cheah about their experiences and learnings, and thereafter, perhaps debunk certain assumptions and hopefully empower you to broaden your horizons… and be able to better answer “Are you what you study?”


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