Be a Mentor

Our Social Vision is to facilitate young people towards a purposeful, impactful and fulfilling life by giving them an impetus to aspire and excel. We endeavour to achieve these objectives by building their capabilities, enhancing their opportunities and instilling in them core values and life’s principles that would outlive their professions.

Our mentors are are Authentic in our ways of helping young adults discover their Strengths and Passion, to live with Integrity, Resilience and a Spirit of Excellence.

MentorsHub invites current PMEBTs (Professionals, Managers, Executives, Businessmen & Technicians) who share our vision and passion to join us as mentors.

For the benefits of our mentees, ideally you should possess these attributes:

  • At least 10 years of senior management experience from any of these industries: Financial, Hospitality, Retail, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, IT, Telco, Education, Manufacturing, Engineering, FinTech, Startups, Consulting and Creative, among others.
  • Willing to commit to two years of mentorship on pro bono basis.
  • Possess high integrity, dedication and an attitude of excellence.

If you are ready to make a positive impact in the lives of young people, we are excited to meet you!

Email the management committee today!

Be a Mentee

Be a Mentee

ASPIRE – Mentees will be assigned a mentor with the best fit to guide them in the areas of their interests upon successful completion of the ASPIRE Mentoring Retreat. Mentorship is pro bono.

Mentees may join the ACCELERATE Core Skills Workshops and Roundtables at heavily subsidised rates.


Be an Alumni

For Mentees Only.

Mentees who have completed their mentorships or graduated may join MentorsHub Alumni to network, enjoy privileged rates to ACCELERATE Core Skills Workshops, Roundtables and volunteer for our many professional and social activities.

Be a Sponsor

The sustainability and success of this Social Mentorship Initiative hinge on the support and sponsorship of our partners and the business community. Your contributions will be used to subsidise mentees from the low-to-middle income and single parent families. Contact us to find out how.



Arrangement could be made to have the Mentoring Retreat conducted exclusively for your undergraduates or alumni at your institution. To bring the Mentoring Retreat in-house, please enquire here.


Internship and job opportunities are offered to our mentees by the mentoring team from time to time. However, mentees have to go through the usual selection process and secure the offer by their own merit.


We are always seeking for best-of-breed professionals to share their experiences and expertise with the budding adults. If you have an area of specialty to add value to their learning and career development, volunteer yourself today!


Engage the ACCELERATE workshop leaders for your companies’ training needs and a part of the proceeds will go to sponsoring the mentees with financial needs.

To bring any of the ACCELERATE Core Skills Workshops or Corporate Training Modules into your institutions or organizations, please email us.

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