ASPIRE is a Mentorship Program that aims to provide young adults an impetus to aspire and excel. Our mentors work with their mentees to increase their self-awareness, business and management acumen, soft skills and confidence as they transit from schools to the marketplace.

Candidates who meet the program requirement will go through a carefully designed ‘Discovery and Developmental’ (D&D) process starting with psychometric assessments and a 2-day Mentoring Retreat over a weekend to re-discover themselves. Comprising our unique Strength-Soul-­Soar workshops, the retreat aims to facilitate young people towards preliminary vision casting and goals setting. This is followed by one-to-one/two mentorship sessions over four quarters or more to start them on the developmental journey. Mentees also go through a series of soft-skills equipping workshops.

Our vision is to inspire young adults towards living a more purposeful, impactful and fulfilling life.

We also encourage young people to register themselves for career talks, internships and job opportunities with one of our supporting partners, Glints.