ASPIRE has a ‘Discover-Develop-Deploy’ curriculum that consists psychometric assessments, a 2-day mentoring retreat, mentoring sessions and signature workshops over one year.

Discover ~

ASPIRE program prepares the mentees with a Mentoring Retreat – a weekend comprising two to three tailored workshops to help you rediscover yourselves. These workshops are based on leading tools and methods such as the Gallup CliftonStrengths®, PeopleKeys DISC Personality Assessment & Careers Matching, and Soaring: Life Coaching Design. The workshops are led by certified and experienced consultants. The unique modules work together to motivate you towards identifying your passions, setting your personal goals, life’s directions and decisions about your future career choices. We believe that these would bring about a new perspective and open up a new horizon for young people like you.

Develop ~

Upon completion of the Mentoring Retreat, you will be assigned to a Mentor who will meet you bi-monthly to help you gain clarity on the steps going forward.

Those who complete the systematic and holistic program will benefit from capabilities, confidence and character building, where you will deploy your newfound skills set.

  1. Increased Capabilities

You will be –

  • More aware about your innate qualities and how to leverage them for achieving your aspirations
  • Able to formulate simple career/life goals
  • More knowledgeable about your career choices
  • Better equipped with essential core skills that are needed for survival and success in the marketplace
  • More motivated and confident
  • Able to apply the knowledge and skills learnt for your career development
  1. Increased Opportunities

Mentees who complete the curriculum and demonstrate good attitude and aptitude –

  • Could request for a Letter of Recommendation from MentorsHub & your mentors to help open doors with prospective employers.
  • May be connected to internships and job opportunities offered by our supporting partners, subject to suitability.
  • Shall be well positioned for jobs and careers advancement.