To build sustainable impact, MentorsHub aims to forge longer and deeper relationships between Mentors and Mentees from all intakes. We endeavour to groom alumni towards PMEBT and Leadership roles in their respective interest areas with a vision to activate a virtuous cycle of ”Paying-it-forward”, with alumni giving back to the social community.

Create a continuum of professional development and societal contribution to enhance mentorship outcomes.

* Facilitate alumni towards careers success through continuous leadership development and business exposures.
* Provide avenues for alumni to participate, lead and contribute.

We are proud to present MentorsHub Alumni who have successfully completed their cycle and demonstrated their commitment and diligence during the mentorships:

“Aaron has a steady focus and eagerness to learn. He is diligent, respectful and is curious. He is not afraid to ask questions for fear of appearing incompetent. Aaron is resourceful, and this was seen in how he secured his first job after university – a one-year contract in a bank doing a compliance-AML role. He constantly seeks feedback and is continuing his search for a permanent job role. I am sure with his tenacity he will make positive contributions in his new employment.”

Mr Daniel Ng, Managing Director Head of Group Compliance, United Overseas Bank

Aaron See

AML Compliance Officer | UOB

Justine Tan

Business Analyst | DBS Bank

“Wan Yuan is a positive and optimistic individual and I am so happy to mentor her during a time of many firsts for her. She took the leap of faith to jump into a new role during the pandemic period, joining a new industry with a start-up organisation, and taking on her first leadership role.

Yet Wan Xuan gamely faces any challenges as they present themselves, prepared for it wherever she can, and is not shy to seek advice when needed. With her demonstrated maturity and positive attitude to learning, I am confident Wan Xuan will go far in her career. And she will make a good mentor as she pays forward  in her voluntary work with other youths.”

Ms Aileen Chee | Co-Founder & Director, The Coaching Culture

Foo Wan Xuan

Senior Specialist, Environmental Sustainability | Grab

Benjamin Sim

Graphic Designer, Videographer, Photographer

Xiu Fen is a very introspective and intellect-seeking young professional who shows grit and perseverance when faced with challenges.”

Ms Celine Tan, Senior Regional Marketing Director, Estée Lauder Companies

Lok Xiu Fen

Digital Marketing Administrator | Yoshimura Food Holdings Asia

Malcolm Lim

HR Executive | MINDEF

“Huin Ling is a diligent and highly motivated individual. She has a clear vision of  the finishing line (her 5-year goal) and is charging towards it with determination. Ever eager to learn new things and not one to shy away from a challenge, I am confident Huin Ling will go far in her career. ”

Ms Sim Shoo Shyuan, Partner | Co-Founder, Arkki Singapore

Siow Huin Ling

Marketing Operations Executive | DirectAsia

Hadi Afzal

Regional Learning and Development | Shopee

Travis came into every meeting with an intention to learn and grow. He is a curious soul and he had lots of questions in every meeting. He is also an intent listener which is great because I could tell that he was applying the learnings from our sessions in his daily life. Over the course of the mentorship, he developed greater clarity in what he wanted to do and how best to approach it. Travis is passionate, dedicated and a wonderful human being. I wish him success in all his future endeavours.”

Mr Harish Agarwal, Head of Customer Experience Strategy for SEA, India and HK, Qualtrics

Travis Tan

Associate Customer Success Manager | Vmware

“Cynthia is diligent and always very well prepared for our mentoring sessions. Her focused questions led to very productive discussions, and she always took action on the points we agreed on. Her journey through exploring her options we jointly identified has led her to more strongly commit to her chosen path of leading her own venture. Whatever the outcome, I have confidence that Cynthia will be successful throughout her life.”
Mr Simon Dale, Managing Director, South East Asia, Adobe

Cynthia Chin

Products Partnership, Commerce, YouTube (Apac) | Google

Lam Zhi Liang

Foreign Service Officer | Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore

“Pak Heen is diligent in following advice and making efforts to review his progress timely. I admire his determination in taking calculated risks to pursue his passion. He is now a matured young adult with a promising career and better at decision making.”
Mr. Sebastian Heng, Associate Director, Agile Practice | NCS Pte Ltd

Chau Pak Heen

Director | EzBot

“Chee Wee is teachable and has displayed grit to persevere even when the going gets tough.”
Mr. Low Jing Hui, Director, IT Outsourcing, Hitachi Consulting

Tan Chee Wee

Executive Project Engineer, Systems Integration | LTA

“Nicholas is a positive, optimistic and receptive individual with a strong ambition to succeed.”
Mr. Daryl Lee, CEO | FIT Ruums

Nicholas Tung

Business Development Specialist | EzBot

“Weixian has a pleasant disposition. He is frank and easy going. He is a very keen learner and always willing to tackle new challenges. His desire to constantly upgrade his skills and knowledge has led to him pursuing and completing his PhD while working. He is cognizant that he is very self-driven and consciously takes care to ensure that he gets on well with his colleagues while pursuing his goals.
Weixian has grown and advanced his thinking, problem solving and people skills.”
Dr Beng Cheah, Senior Director, Corporate Services | SIMTech & ARTC, A*STAR

Dr Sam Li WeiXian

Global Product Business Leader (AI & Data Science) | Dell Technologies, Dell

“Alicia is a very determined and self-motivated person. In the face of challenges she shows perseverance and willingness to work it through. She has inner strength that is rare for a youth like her. Besides her diligence, Alicia also has a creative mind, tenacious loyalty, commitment and good people skills. She is indeed an asset to any company.”
Dr Tan Siew Pin, Pediatrician, Olive Tree Baby & Kids Clinic

Alicia Tan Ying Thong

Assistant Product Development and Innovation Manager, Olam

“Donovan is a very entrepreneurial guys, always brimming with great business ideas!He always deliver high quality work and derives great satisfaction from a happy customer.”
Mr. Kenny Lew, Coaching & Development Specialist | Ingeus

Donovan Tan

Founder & Director | Loupe Singapore

“Jeslyn is a meticulous individual with a strong sense of accountability. She works hard and ensures things get done on time. She is a good asset to any team working with her.”
Dr Hadi Wijaya, Founder | The Advisory Lab

Jeslyn Ee

Marketing Specialist - Media Buying | Truegenics Pte Ltd

“Jeff is a motivated, passionate and eager young man whose perseverance is admirable. I am very pleased that he was able to apply the skills taught to him in decisions making and look forward to him contributing back to the society in a big way.”
Mr. Sebastian Heng, Associate Director, Agile Practice | NCS Pte Ltd

Jeff Lim

Senior Analyst | (MILVIK) BIMA

“Siew Ting has a great and bubbly personality. She is eager to learn and open to constructive feedback to advance her career.”
Ms. Narelle Hicks, Former Regional Chief Digital Officer | Sompo Holdings (Asia)

Toh Siew Ting

Associate Director of Sales, Financial Services | Manulife Financial Advisers

“Fred has the focus, tenacity and ability to become a successful, value adding, Online Marketing Consultant.”
Mr. Paul Loxton, Managing Director | Loxton Consulting Group

Fred Ng

Senior Solution Consultant | Salesforce

“Caleb has shown himself to be a smart and energetic self-starter who embraces continuous learning and continuous improvement.”
Mr. Low Jing Hui, Director, IT Outsourcing, Hitachi Consulting.

Caleb Poh Zhi Hao

Management Associate | NEC Asia Pacific

“Kay Yong’s entrepreneurial streak is addictive. He is passionate in what he does and he has a persistency to see it through. He is never out of ideas and when he comes to a roadblock.”
Ms. Shirley Loh, Vice President HR, Sodexo

Lim Kay Yong

Assistant Manager | Ministry of Social and Family Development

“Jasper is humble, sincere and hardworking. He constantly seeks out advice to better himself. I am impressed by his positive attitude despite various challenges.”
Mr. Dennis Ng, Adjunct Faculty, SMU

Jasper Mok

Senior Analyst, Investment Consulting , Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics (ACIA)

“Jeremy has the can-do attitude and is never shy in his pursuit of what he wants in life. He is a go-getter and has proven himself to be someone who is reliable through the tough times.”
Mr. Tan Kok Yong, Director, EY Advisory

Jeremy Yeo

Software Engineer | Accenture

“Lavanya is a multi-talented young lady with a strong drive for success and curiosity in the social entrepreneurial space. She takes initiative to improve herself despite juggling various commitments. She would be an asset to any organisation she serves in.”
Ms. Gwen Ong, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition, Apac, Expedia Group

Lavanya Ramanujan

Accountant - Finance (Controllership) | Google

“Hock Meng is a highly motivated individual, always willing to try new ideas and very proactive. One specific trait of his that will help him in the long run is his curiosity. He doesn’t shy away from asking questions until he is completely convinced.”
Mr. Rizwan Hazarika, Chief Digital Officer, SingEx Holdings

Kho Hock Meng

Co-Founder, Diverse Origins | Advisor, Talent in Asia

“A systematic thinker and a conscientious individual, Eric can be counted upon to finish what he started both in his personal and business life. One of his prominent traits that will stand him in good stead for his career is his ability to accomplish goals through personal relationships.”
Mr. Ian Tan, Chief Enabling Officer, LifeSkills Institute

Eric Lee

Project Executive | EzBot

“Pearl is highly motivated and driven in her pursuit of a meaningful career. She has a positive attitude and takes ownership of her personal development. Her passion in what she does will help her excel.”
Ms Adeline Tiah, Growth Catalyst |Data Driven Marketer | Martech |Brand Specialist | CX Strategist | Executive Coach (ACC)

Pearl Lieu

Marketing Specialist, Business Development Research Support Centre | A*STAR

“In my short encounter with Anne, I found her to be very focused about what she wants in terms of career and family. I wish her all the best!”
Ms Tan Lay Kuan, Financial Professional | Prudential Singapore

Anne Wong

Financial Analyst | FSI Retail Group

“Andy has been very impressive in the way he took initiatives to progress efficiently in the tasks I assigned him over the year of mentorship. With entrepreneurial mindset, analytics and problem solving skills, Andy would be an asset to any teams in the future.”
Mr. Julien Fey, Asst Director – Digital Partnerships | Prudential Corporation Asia

Andy Ye

Business Analyst | Accenture

“Vanessa is a self-driven individual with a very positive attitude. She approaches things with a strong sense of purpose and is outcome-oriented. Never a dull moment with Vanessa on your team!”
Mr Tan Kok Yong, Director, EY Advisory

Vanessa Wan

Digital Strategist - CBG Financial Planning, DBS Bank

“Noradli is a fast learner and an ambitious young man who aspires to become a successful engineer.”
Mr. Mickael Le Gargasson, Director, Loans & Specialised Finance | ANZ

Noradli Norhisham

Digital Graduate, UI/UX Designer | Lendlease

“Yash is ambitious and hard working, and always come well prepared to get the most out of our conversations. He enthusiastically engaged with each topic and diligently followed through on applying new ideas, coming back with his experience and questions to develop it further.”
Mr Simon Dale, Managing Director, SEA, Adobe

Yash Bhati

Business Analyst | The Software Practice

“Trixie is ambitious and clear with what she wants. She is a keen entrepreneur and works hard to learn and keep up with the Financial industry whilst maintaining a balance with other activities such as workshops conducted by MentorsHub. Trixie is willing to take on new challenges and will be a good addition to your organisation.”
Ms Janice Hong, Chief Commercial Officer, APAC, Wavemaker

Trixie Wong

Financial Consultant, Prudential Assurance Company

“Nizam is a wonderful Mentee to work with. He is dedicated, self-motivated, methodical, and very capable. Upon giving Nizam a really challenging task, he would always manage to get the job done.
Nizam possesses a winning combination of solid tech skills and data analytics and is definitely someone I’d want to have on my team.”
Mr Julien Fey, Head of Digital Delivery/COE, Prudential Life Assurance Public Company Ltd

Bin Mustaza Shahrul Nizam

Data Engineer/BI Engineer | Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics

“Eunice is a self-starter who actively engage me for meetings. She showed discipline by being punctual and prepared for all our discussions; genuine interest in learning about herself and the world. I am sure she would be a valuable asset.”
Mr. Ajeesh Ashraf, Senior Manager, Johnson & Johnson

Eunice Lim

Biotechnologist, Tessa Therapeutics Ltd

” I mentored Tylus for 12 months and found him to be a very well-balanced individual. He impressed me with his confidence in all our interactions, which is unusual at such a young age. If Tylus manages to work on his strengths, I am sure he will do extremely well in his career.”
Mr. Bhavesh B Shah, VP Finance & Operational Excellence, Global Emerging Markets & Global Lead Pricing, ConvaTec

Tylus Ng

Industrial Hygienist | 3M

“Kek Yink is an amazingly warm person, with a can-do attitude and a strong ability to connect with people both quickly and empathetically. She’s the epitome of the saying ‘Your Attitude determines Your Altitude’!”
Ms Malini Sundaram, Country and Pharma CFO, Novartis, Japan

Jade Lee Kek Yink

Human Resources Specialist | Yusys Technologies

“Lucas is an inquisitive young man who aspires to lead and make a difference. While he is observed to take feedback seriously, he is also firm on his convictions and do not easily waver.”
Mr. Low Jing Hui, Application Managed Services Lead (Public Sector), NCS Group

Lucas Loh Zhi Peng

Real Estate Consultant | ERA

“Jannah is very focused and determined. The achiever in her, with her learned attitude will surely propel her to attain the life goals she sets for herself. Her passion to contribute to the society also sets her apart from many others.”
Ms Peggy Quek, Director – Group Partnership Distribution, AIA

Siti Nuruljannah Salleh

Engineer | Land Transport Authority (LTA)

Jevin is a reliable young professional who always came prepared to our mentoring sessions​. He is a great listener, receptive to feedback and able to quickly digest new information to drive his own decisions.”

Mr Tristan Theurier, VP, Asia R&D Services, Veeva Systems

Jevin Loo

Fraud Specialist | Singtel

Thein Than Toe Peter

Business System Analyst | UOB Bank

“When I first met Ashley, she was tentative about her future. But she was extremely open and took on feedback and worked on it after every mentoring session. She crafted her own learning and development program, took ownership of it. She has also taken the initiative to do her own research about the university degree to pursue. She is now more confident about her future and what she wants to do. She has demonstrated her learning agility, which is critical in the future of work.”

Ms Adeline Tiah, Marketing & Growth Lead (CMO) Fintech, Autumn

Ashley Tan

UI/UX Designer & Digital Marketer | Oangle

Darren Lim

Research Analyst | Nansen

Joy has gained greater self-awareness and stepped out of her comfort zone in honing both her hard and soft skills. Having experienced the support from the community, she is enabling others as she juggles her new role (and continuing career growth) at ST Engineering in HR Corporate Support.”

Ms Michelle Li, International Partnerships Lead (Agri), New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

Joy Lim

HR Corporate Support Executive | ST Engineering e-Services

Wei Yang has always been a committed individual with a very focussed attitude and continuously juggling many different projects. It’s been fantastic to see Wei Yang opening up to deeper discussion and exploration of different paths to get to his most fulfilling destination.”
Mr Sanjay Chandarana, Director of Finance APAC CSS FP&A, Wesco/Anixter APAC

Koh Wei Yang

Penultimate Undergrad, SMU

“Heriberto sets high standard for himself both personally and professionally. As a result, he expend great effort to achieve high quality results. His emphasis on the purpose and value of what he does and say makes him a trustworthy and grounded person.”

Mr Ian Tan, Chief Enabling Officer, Lifeskills Institute

Heriberto Wang

Analyst | Vantage Shipbrokers

Ng Jun Xiang

Physiotherapy Undergrad | SIT

Le Hui is very engaged, structured and clear with the outcome of this mentorship. It has made our journey very smooth and with her commitment to mentoring, I have seen her grown to be an effective team member of her organisation.”

Ms Mei Wong, Head of Business Office, Customer Engagement & Experience, APJ, SAP 

Neo LeHui

Senior Analyst | Deloitte & Touche

Janan Lim

Risk Portfolio Management (Credit RWA Solutions), Credit Risk Analyst | OCBC

“Sarah is a driven and versatile young professional. When faced with challenges, she is reflective, unassuming, and strives to make a positive impact. Her positivity and zest is an asset she brings to any team she is a part of. I look forward to see Sarah continue to grow from strength to strength, and value-add in all her endeavors.”

Mr Jarod Ong, Executive Director, UOB Kay Hian

Sarah Lim

Management Consulting Analyst | Accenture

Jairia Lim

Trainee Teacher | Little Seeds Preschool

“Vavarly is a highly motivated individual, always willing to listen to new ideas and put them into actions. She is usually very well prepared and her perseverance and never-say-die attitude help her tremendously when encountering setbacks. With such determination and humility, I am sure Vavarly will accomplish anything she sets her mind to achieve!”
Mr Simon Dale, Managing Director, South East Asia, Adobe

Vavarly Chong

Business Technology Leader (Client Technical Specialist - Pre-sales) | IBM Client Engineering

“Glenn is a conscientious and practical young man. He is inquisitive and asks a lot of good questions, which shows his ability to think with perspective. From the get-go, Glenn showed he is forward-thinking and discerning when we discuss his goals. He worked assiduously to develop an action plan that included carefully targeted jobs and internship applications.  And he sticks to the plan and executed it meticulously. When faced with difficult choices, Glenn readily seeks advice and is willing to take decisive actions.
Glenn is helpful and always willing to offer his services when asked. He will step to the fore when the situation calls for it. Glenn shows resilience and a high level of emotional maturity.”
Mr Daniel Ng, Head of Group Internal Audit, UOB Ltd

Glenn Yeo Ya Sen

Investor Sales | CIMB

“I was very impressed at all my interactions with Kah Seng. He came across as an individual who is eager to learn, very self-motivated and driven. He has the right mind set, is very pragmatic, knows his strengths and areas of development. He hence sets very realistic goals and does not shy away from failure. Kah Seng will be an asset in whichever organization he joins.”
Mr. Bhavesh Shah, Vice President, Finance & NBD Global Emerging Markets, ConvaTec Singapore Pte Ltd

Lai Kah Seng

Penultimate graduate, SUSS Business School

“Miao Xia is a driven and curious individual with a go-getter attitude. During her mentorship, she displayed high motivation and ability to act on the advice regarding her career path.”
Ms Celine Tan, Client Partner, Facebook (FMCG, Retail)

Neo Miao Xia

Consultant, Technology, China Desk | Page Personnel

“Galvin is a motivated learner. He is quick to adapt and apply what he learns in a practical way.”
Mr. Jarod Ong, SVP, Head of Operations, Singapore Exchange.

Galvin Tan

Director, Projects & Operations | EzBot

“Hui Min is eager to learn and gives her all. She has great potential.”
Mr. Frederic Moraillon, Vice President – Apac & Japan, Massfluencer

Tng Hui Min

Senior Financial Consultant | Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

“Yi Khoon is very keen to learn the mechanisms of accounting and finance industry. He is a self motivator and always strive to excel in whatever he does.”
Mr. Bhavesh Shah, Senior Vice President for Finance, Johnson & Johnson

Lim Yi Khoon

Senior Associate Auditor | KPMG

“Derrick is entrepreneurial and apt at adapting his thinking.”
Mr. Frederic Moraillon, Vice President – Apac & Japan, Massfluencer

Derrick Ong

AI & Data Consultant | Deloitte

“Max is a curious learner who tries his best at everything. A coachable person with the humility to learn from mistakes and improve himself. He is doing an amazing job in a promising tech startup.”
Mr. Kenny Lew, Coaching & Development Specialist | Ingeus

Max Ong

Full Stack Developer | MicroSec

“Yong Jie is very hard working and very eager to learn. He is focused and has big ambitions. He possesses the key characteristics to succeed.”
Mr. Jefferson Ko, Former Director, Global Markets | Nord/LB Singapore

Zhang YongJie

Senior Research And Development Engineer | ST Aerospace

“Zac is a very fast learner, he appropriates feedback well and develops them for his personal improvement to excel.”
Mr. Chow Tat Keong, Former VP, Apac Consumer Support Ops | Hewlett Packard

Phan Zheng Zhi Zac

Senior Analytics Product Manager, NCS Transformation Impact Office | NCS Group

“Eddie has shown great humility and is an avid learner. He has a knack for applying the knowledge and skills acquired to do well at work, and add substantial value to the projects assigned to him. Eddie has great leadership potential and will be able to go far with his positive attitude towards life and work.”
Dr. Low Chin Heng, Lead, Skills-Based Volunteering, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

Eddie Cheung

Senior Youth Guidance Officer | MSF

“Sean is a polite, pleasant and self-assured young man who is certain about his life’s goals. He is also very helpful towards fellow mentees and guided them in gaining greater exposure through networking.”
Ms. Tan Lay Kuan, Executive Financial Consultant, Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

Sean Ooi

Senior Analyst, Group Controllership Team | SEA

“Hiu Fung is a cool, calm, and collected engineer. He seeks to establish harmony wherever he is. He has responsibility talent theme and takes personal responsibility in whatever he commits to do.”
Dr Sherman Ong, Director & Principal Consultant, Global Business Management Consultants

Chong Hiu Fung

Software Engineer | NCS Group

“HanZhong has built up good knowledge of the financial services industry and the application of information technology skills sets. He has a curiosity mindset and is both a humble and motivated individual.”
Mr. Dexter Soh, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley Asia International Limited

Tan Han Zhong

Associate, Software Engineer - Cyber Security Services | UBS

“A reflective individual with a positive growth mindset, Ignatius always looks to do things better and self-improve.”
Mr Jarod Ong, Head of Operations | SGX

Ignatius Yap

Software Engineering Immersive | General Assembly

“Dave’s application of the approaches we discussed demonstrated that he is keen to learn through real-world experience. He is a very straightforward and pragmatic person who would be a good addition to a team needing to deliver.”
Mr. Simon Dale, Limited Partner & Portfolio Advisor, Wavemaker Partners

Dave Chua

Sales Executive | Infinity

“Victor is a coachable early talent who is conscientious and responsible. He shows drive and openness to learn, to constantly grow himself professionally.”
Dr Hadi Wijaya, Head of Financial Services Industry, SEA | SAP

Victor Tjang

Channel Account Manager (S'pore, Indonesia, M'sia) | Oracle Netsuite

“Helmi is intelligent, self-driven and self-aware. His learning approach is adventurous, and his strength in connecting a range of experiences and ideas into practical actions will help drive his success!”
Jarod Ong, Head of Group Operations, UOB KayHian

Helmi Rahman

Front Office Support & Client Services Manager, ANZ Bank

“Beatrice has a strong level of self-awareness and clarity of what she wants in her career. She strives to work towards her goals, always seeking out ways to improve her skills. Her good interpersonal skills will put her in good stead.”
Ms Adeline Tiah, Growth Catalyst |Data Driven Marketer | Martech |Brand Specialist | CX Strategist | Executive Coach (ACC)

Beatrice Lim

Deputy Centre Director | Busy Bees Asia

“Muhammad is extremely self-driven and has an amazing clarity on the career path he wants to take. He evaluates his options very analytically. He also reaches out proactively to people to seek opinions. This will help him as he progresses in both his work and personal life.”
Mr. Sandeep Bhargava, Managing Director, Apac & Japan | Rackspace

Muhammad Noor Ariffin

Senior Software Engineer | Impress.AI

“Shi Ning is cheerful, bright and knows exactly what she wants. She has good communications and social skills that will enhance her relationships with people.”
Ms Clara Cheo, CEO, Golden Village Multiplex P/L | Golden Village Pictures P/L

Tan Shi Ning

Senior Auditor (Financial Services) | EY

“Janaadan is a motivated and bright young man. In my interaction with him, I found him to be quietly confident in his career choice and direction. He has always completed whatever targets and goals we set in our meetups. I believe if he continues to be disciplined and motivated, he will do well in life and career.”
Mr Soon Tze Yang, Assistant Principal Engineer at ST Aerospace

Janaadan Athimulam

Mechanical Engineer, Cameron - a Schlumberger Company

“Malvick is an independent motivated thinker, steadfast in decision making and follow-through.”
Mr. Jack Kang, Head, Equity Capital Markets, Group Investment Banking, UOB.

Malvick Ong

Commercial External Affairs | Rio Tinto

“Darius has been very clear which path he wants to take in his career. He worked with me to evaluate his options, sought advice from others and kept himself focused towards opportunities that would progress him in the direction he wants to proceed. He will be a wonderful addition to any companies and alumni groups to help with newer members.”
Mr. Sandeep Bhargava, Managing Director, APAC & Japan | Rackspace

Darius Lew

Inside Sales Representative | New Relic, Inc.

“YaYun is focused on what she wants in terms of career and skills-upgrade. She takes initiative to seek advice and is always punctual, polite and pleasant. She will be a good team player in any organisation.”
Ms Clara Cheo, CEO, Golden Village Multiplex | Golden Village Pictures P/L

Teo Ya Yun

Accounts Associate, Boardroom Business Solutions, LSBF

“Renae is self-motivated and never stops finding opportunities to learn new skills/knowledge to better herself. She always exudes positive energy and passion, every conversation with her is such a joy and I truly enjoy the dynamics.”
Dr Alina Wang, Head, Insides Sales & Sales Enablement, Juniper Networks

Renae Pung

Data Analyst | Havas Media Group

“Elan is a conscientious and diligent young man. He has shown a great desire to improve and apply what he has learned. He will be a valuable member in any team.”
Mr. Soon Tze Yang, Assistant Principal Engineer, ST Aerospace

Elan Sim

Process Engineer | ams OSRAM

“Xin Rui has a big heart for corporate social responsibility. She demonstrated agility to learn and adapt during her 6 months’ stint with a local conglomerate and was well appreciated by the HR staff and employees who engaged with her on numerous CSR activities. A cheerful and thoughtful personality, determined to play a more active part in impactful and sustainable CSR initiatives.”
Ms Charmaine Sim, Director of Operations, CTC Global Pte Ltd

Ong Xin Rui

Asst Manager | Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY)

“Caleb sets high standards for himself. He has demonstrated his analytical traits and is a good problem-solver. In the months of his working experience in the industries, he has learned to be a more disciplined and organised person.”

Mr Chow Tat Keong, Former VP, Apac Consumer Support Ops/ Hewlett-Packard

Caleb Yang

Asst System Engineer | Tata Consultancy Services