Alumni Committee



Hi! I am the President of MentorsHub Alumni Committee. I oversee the functions of the committee by setting yearly targets and steering the team towards achieving our objectives. With some focus on structures and team work, we endeavour to bring the best out of each alumni members through events and activities that are fun, engaging and purposeful. We look to your support as we strive to build authentic and deep relationships within the MentorsHub’s family and beyond!

Galvin Tan

Vice President

Hi! I am the Vice-President of MentorsHub Alumni Committee. I work closely with the Workshop, Event and Marcom teams to ensure that the committee achieve our intended objectives. I focus on the planning and delivery of activities that are catered for the benefits of our alumni members. I also facilitate communications within the committee and would welcome all suggestions and feedback!


Pearl Lieu

Marketing Communications

cynthia chin

Marketing Communications

Tan Chee Wee

Marketing Communications

Victor Tjang

Marketing Communications

Hello everyone! We are the team in charge of Marketing & Communications! We manage all publicity channels for MentorsHub (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, eMails) and facilitate communications among alumni and mentees. We’d love to hear from you and get to know you better! Do join and follow us on facebook and instagram @MentorsHubsg to catch up with our latest happenings!



Social Events & Careers Development​

Hi Everyone! I enjoy seeing our alumni and mentees interact, have fun and learn from each other. Therefore, I take pride in overlooking the planning of both Social Events and Career Development Workshops to ensure that all participants who attended our organized events will find their time well spent. I work closely with both Social Events and Careers Development workshop teams to brainstorm and plan a good mix of events for our alumni and mentees. ​



Social Events​

Hi friends! We are from the Alumni Events Team! Remember the Social Networking Nites at GV Gold Class Lounge, CNY Lou-hei party and the Tree-top Walk? Well, we worked behind the scenes and did the end-to-end planning and delivery! We try our best to ensure that every Alumni events is well thought through, crafted and executed, so that our Alumni may benefit from the quality and memorable time spent with the MentorsHub’s family!​


andy ye

Careers Development Workshops

Glenn Yeo

Careers Development Workshops

Hello! We are responsible for coordinating the logistics of the workshops, roundtables and fireside chats that are conducted over the many Saturdays. We try to ensure that alumni and mentees have insightful workshops and enriching learning experience by aligning our needs with the mentors’ and corporate trainers’ deliveries.



Alumni Membership

I’m here to grow the alumni family so that mentees who graduated from the mentorship program have the opportunity to stay connected with the MentorsHub’s community. I focus on membership recruitment and ensure that no mentees is deprived of the chance to receive continuous access to MentorsHub’s vast resources and opportunities. Join us to enjoy exclusive events that would build your networks and long-term relationships!