ACCELERATE is a fast‐track program designed for young adults (21-26) who need practical tips to ‘smoothen rough edges’ and ‘settle quickly’ into their internships/jobs. Our aim is to give you a schematic view of the concepts, principles, methodologies or tools for a more successful and enjoyable work life.

The ACCELERATE program is designed to be:
Holistic – in appealing to both your mind (intellect) and your heart (passion);
Systematic – in building your professional development on a firm foundation.

There are two core components:

Accelerate Soft Skills Workshop:

These power-packed and highly interactive half-day workshops are tailored to equip you with essential skills that are desired by most organisations. Conducted mostly on Saturday mornings over a 3-hour duration, the series of Core Skills Workshops are designed to bring you through a systematic and modular learning journey from ‘Getting-the-Job’ to ‘Becoming an Effective Team Player’ and ‘Developing Your Leadership Qualities’.

Accelerate Roundtable and Clinic:

Roundtables are intended to give mentees the opportunities to consult our domain experts to acquire deeper insights.

Clinics are conducted in smaller groups and over a longer period of time. They usually involve pre-work, onsite teaching and discussion, and follow-up evaluation of your action plans. Accelerate Clinics are organised on a need basis, like the Startup Clinic, to guide mentees in their plans to start-up a business.


Who Can Participate

  • ASPIRE mentees who desire more exposure to other fields of interest.
  • Undergrads who desire to have an early preparation for their work lives, and
  • Young working adults age 21-26 who need a firmer footing in their early careers.