To increase the Capabilities and Opportunities of young adults.


People the impetus to ASPIRE and EXCEL.


From Good to Great!


Steers young adults towards a more purposeful, impactful & fulfilling life.


To facilitate young people towards a purposeful, impactful and fulfilling life.


MentorsHub is a social mentorship initiative set up by a team of like-minded PMEBTs (Professionals, Managers, Executives, Businessmen & Technicians) whose passion is in enhancing the capabilities and opportunities of young adults. We are an aggregator of mentors and a facilitator of mentees.

MentorsHub is differentiated by our social mission, close knitted mentoring community, tailored programs and quality of our mentors. We are an independent and private initiative supported purely by the business community who contribute their time and talents.

Aggregator of Mentors

We aspire to build a strong team of mentors with a diversity of domains expertise, industries experience, and exposures from different countries. Our mentors endeavor to facilitate their mentees towards their aspirations by becoming their sounding board, equipping them with marketplace knowledge and soft-skills, and connecting them to resources that would enhance their careers development.

We welcome current and semi-retired PMEBTs who share our vision and social missions to contribute their pro bono mentorship services through this platform.

Facilitator of Mentees

To build the capabilities of young people (age 21-26), MentorsHub has two key programs:

  • ASPIRE – where we bring young people through a ‘Discovery & Developmental’ process comprising psychometric assessments, a 2-Day Mentoring Retreat on a weekend and bi-monthly one-to-one Mentorship over one year.
  • ACCELERATE – consists of half-day fast track workshops that enable young people to skim through important principles and proven methodologies that increase self-effectiveness and team performances. Roundtables chaired by our highly qualified mentors also equip our mentees with global and industry awareness.

Tailored for the young adults, these programs will facilitate them towards a deeper understanding of their passions, strengths, talents, personalities and values. As they become more purposeful in charting their personal growths, they will be better positioned for success in their careers pursuits. We encourage all mentees who benefitted from our social mentorships to pay-it-forward someday.



We endeavor to help you uncover and nurture your potentials through a discovery and developmental process to maximize your strengths for excellence.


We endeavor to guide you in how to build capabilities that increase your opportunities for social mobility.


We endeavor to instill in you the virtues for success, impact & fulfillment.

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Be Empowered for a Life of Significance

Mentoring Retreat is one of MentorsHub’s signature programs that equips young people with self-empowerment to finding breakthrough and self-leadership; to live a life of purpose and significance.

Self-Discovery, Safe Space, Shared Journey

The Mentoring Retreat is one of MentorsHub’s signature programs to prepare our mentees for a year of efficacious marketplace mentorship. The young people go through a process of self-discovery to obtain clarity and new insights about themselves, learn to cast personal vision and set meaningful goals.

Empowering Youths for Self-Leadership

MentorsHub brings our young adults through a process to discover new insights about themselves, gain more clarity about their passion and purpose and develop strategies towards achieving their goals. The time may be turbulent but there is no stopping our next generation from creating their breakthroughs with their diligence, hard work and grit!

Tribute to Front-liners

From the front-liner workers to the unsung heroes who have toiled tirelessly, laboured selflessly, served unwaveringly, rain or shine to keep us safe, no words can ever expressed our gratitude towards you. To commemorate the courage you have shown, sacrifices you have made, risks you have taken and love you have given, the MentorsHub’s family pays our tribute to You! Faith, Hope and Love have brought us thus far. But the greatest of these is Love. And Love never fails.

MentorsHub Celebrates Singapore’s 56 Years of Independence

Singapore has come a long way since our independence in 1965, so has MentorsHub. As we celebrate 56 years of nation building, we remember the day we stepped out together with faith, the journeys our mentees, alumni and mentors have taken. There is still a long way to go but with hand in hand, we will get there!

Remembering 55 Years of Nation Building

The 55th National Day celebration was abounding with graciousness all around us. In our shores and beyond, by our people and from friends across borders. A thousand different voices sing in harmony indeed!


The success of our social cause hinges upon the sponsorship and support of companies and individuals. We wish to express our gratitude to them with acknowledgement of their contributions.

To be a corporate sponsor for our social mentorship in making a positive impact on our young adults, please email us.